WASHINGTON, D.C. (NAFB) – Ethanol and electric-powered vehicles face numerous challenges, some independent of each other, some in conflict, as ethanol fights to keep and grow its place in the national fuel market.

The Biden Administration’s push for electric over ethanol-powered vehicles, amid possible supply chain shortages of lithium batteries and a lack of recharging stations, are but some of the competing hurdles the two fuels face.

Renewable Fuels Association’s Troy Bredenkamp suggests electric vehicles won’t replace those that run on liquid fuels for quite a while.

Especially if it takes years to build the recharging stations needed to power a big fleet of electric vehicles.

And Bredenkamp says corn ethanol need not simply compete with battery power.

Bredenkamp says based on carbon capture in planted soiled, could make corn ethanol the only fuel with a carbon-negative footprint.