Farm Talk Podcasts

12-11-19 – County rep meetings with the North Dakota Wheat Commission.

Farm Talk Segment 7 – Neal Fisher – ND Wheat Commission ...Read more

12-10-19 – A preview of the DIRT Workshop going on today with Abbey Wick.

Farm Talk Segment 1 – Abbey Wick – NDSU Soil Health and the DIRT Workshop ...Read more

12-10-19 – Intercropping at the South East Saskatchewan Research Farm.

Farm Talk Segment 2 – Lana Shaw – South East Saskatchewan Research Farm ...Read more

12-10-19 – Nutrient management, reduced till systems and soil compaction.

Farm Talk Segment 3 – Anthony Bly – SDSU Extension Soil Fields Specialist ...Read more

12-10-19 – Taking care of the soil and how it reacts.

Farm Talk Segment 4 – Dan Forgey – South Dakota Farmer ...Read more

12-10-19 – Tools and equipment for till and no till.

Farm Talk Segment 5 – Paul Jasa – University of Nebraska Lincoln ...Read more

12-10-19 – Soil Sense Podcast with Tim Hammerich.

Farm Talk Segment 6 – Tim Hammerich – Soil Sense Podcast ...Read more

12-10-19 – Farmer Show and Tell and the DIRT Workshop.

Farm Talk Segment 7 – Dr. Lee Briese ...Read more

12-09-19 – 60 inch corn. Cover crops. The DIRT Workshop in Fargo on Tuesday.

Farm Talk Segment 1 – Kelly Cooper – NDSU Oakes Research Center ...Read more

12-09-19 – A land rent meeting in Clay County, Minnesota this Thursday.

Farm Talk Segment 2 – Randy Nelson – Clay County Extension ...Read more