( – The nation’s top ag retailers responded to a CropLife Survey on their 2024 outlook. The survey asked retailers about their overall outlook on the 2024 growing season based on market performance through spring fieldwork and planting time. On a scale of one to 10, with 10 being “better than expected,” the retailers seem pleased with 2024. A little more than eight out of 10 survey respondents rated the year so far between a five and a ten. To break it down further, 53 percent of the nation’s top ag retailers said the 2024 growing season rates between a five and seven on their 10-point scale. Another 33 percent indicated that so far, the year rates as an eight to 10 in their regions of the country. Compared to last year, that was a six percent improvement over 2023. Only 14 percent rated the season between a one and four.