( – House Ag Committee Chair G.T. Thompson (R-PA) released a more detailed, title-by-title overview of his farm bill proposal. The National Sorghum Producers say the chairman has been consistent in his messaging that the farm bill must be highly effective for producers and, by any measure, his framework makes some strides on behalf of America’s farm and ranch families. The full overview includes many key provisions like increasing the statutory reference prices by 10 to 20 percent for all covered commodities in Title 1. His proposal increases the Agricultural Risk Coverage guarantee to 90 percent of the benchmark revenue and expands the maximum payment band to 12.5 percent for both ARC-IC and ARC-CO. It also increases marketing loan rates for most commodities. National Sorghum Producers and other organizations will sort through the details during the next week. A full draft could come next week, and Thompson has markup scheduled for May 23.