(ND Ag Connection) – The 81st NDFB Annual Meeting, a significant event for the farming community, was recently held in Fargo at the Holiday Inn. This meeting was notable for the re-election of Daryl Lies from Douglas as the NDFB President for another two-year term. Adding to the leadership team, Val Wagner from Monango was elected as the new vice president for a similar term.

The NDFB, an influential agricultural body, has its Board of Directors consisting of the president, elected at large, and representatives from each of the nine NDFB Districts, along with the chairs of the Promotion and Education Committee and the Young Farmer and Rancher Committee.

Daryl Lies, a seasoned agriculture professional, has been a member of the NDFB since 2013 and became president in 2015. He and his wife Kim run a diverse farm specializing in show animals, Full Flavor Farms, and Daryl’s Racing Pigs. Lies is also a frequent radio host and has a family of four.

Val Wagner, newly elected vice president, and her husband Mark operate a Red Angus/Simmental commercial livestock ranch, cultivating corn, soybeans, alfalfa, and cover crops. Wagner joined the district 3 Board of Directors in 2020 and has been an active member of state and national Farm Bureau committees. The Wagner family has four sons.

The meeting also saw Chris Reindel of Dickinson elected to represent District 9 for a three-year term. Reindel, with his wife Rebecca, is engaged in raising beef cattle, sheep, and hay and also runs a small electrical business. The Reindel family includes two daughters, a son, a granddaughter, and a grandson.

Chance Kitzman of Upham was elected as the Chairman of the Young Farmer and Rancher Committee. Kitzman, together with his wife Nicole, operates a diverse farm with a focus on cow/calf operations and various crops. He emphasizes the importance of Farm Bureau in providing a strong voice for young farmers. Kitzman will serve a one-year term in this influential role.

This leadership renewal at NDFB signifies a continued commitment to the agricultural sector, with experienced individuals at the helm guiding the future of farming in their community.