Lawmakers Continue Questioning Validity of Announced China Purchases

Wisconsin lawmakers continue pressuring the Trump Administration regarding alleged purchases of U.S. ag products by China.
Trump said following a meeting with China’s President last month that China would begin buying U.S. ag product.
However, those purchases have not begun.
Trump expressed disappointment recently in the lack of action.
However, lawmakers from Wisconsin question the validity of the claims by Trump.
Representative Ron Kind, a Wisconsin Democrat, this week called on Trump administration officials to provide more details.
Kind penned a letter to Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue and economic advisor Larry Kudlow saying, “farmers deserve to know when they can expect these purchases will happen—if at all.”
Officials in China have not confirmed the agreement to make purchases of U.S. ag products.
Earlier this week, Kudlow stated that the administration expects that China will soon be announcing “large-scale purchases” but offered no further details.
Kind’s letter follows comments from Senate Democrat Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin who asked the President to stop making false claims regarding the purchases.


Image by DTN