OCM Executive Pleased New Mexico AG Probing into Beef Processors Practices

Submitted By Micheal Clements, NAFB News Service.  Audio provided by Tom Riter, WNAX, Yankton, South Dakota.


New Mexico’s Attorney General is launching a probe into the business practices of some of the nation’s largest beef processors. He says the state’s farmers and ranchers are being harmed by out of state corporations. Organization for Competitive Markets Executive Director Joe Maxwell says the probe amidst the concern for unfair and anti-competitive practices has implications for Northern Plains producers. He’s hoping other state a-g’s will follow suit.



He says states can move quicker than the feds can on anti-competition problems. Maxwell says if the unfair and anti-competitive practices are proven to be true it can give impetus to the nation’s Attorney General to more strictly enforce the Packers and Stockyards Act.



Maxwell says lack of competition is not only harmful to ag producers but also to smaller processors.



Maxwell is also hoping the federal government will quit delaying the update of the GIPSA rules and get those approved in order to improve market competition.