China’s Unique World Trade Behavior

Submitted by Micheal Clements, NAFB News Service.


China continues to come under fire from U.S. leaders for its failure to reign in North Korea’s missile and nuclear arms efforts. But ag state U.S. Senators fired some missiles of their own this week over China’s trade barriers.

China’s been a World Trade Organization member for more than 15-years, yet still does not play by world trade rules in agriculture and other areas. Wyoming Republican John Barrasso vented his frustration, during Iowa Governor Terry Branstad’s Senate confirmation hearing to be the next U.S. Ambassador to China.



Barrasso and 38-other Senators wrote President Trump last month to bring up the issue with China’s president. And Delaware’s Chris Coons, on China’s poultry restrictions, said.



While China is the top buyer of US soybeans, it recently blocked another US feed commodity. Governor Branstad.



And then there’s theft of US trade secrets, including biotechnology. Foreign Relations Chair Bob Corker.



Branstad says as the Chinese advance, they may see there’s also a danger to them that other countries may steal their trade secrets—a case Branstad plans to make in China if confirmed as US ambassador.