Ag Tile Drainage Design Workshop Set


NDSU Extension Service


Producers, landowners, consultants, drainage contractors, government agency
staff and water resource managers will have an opportunity to learn about
subsurface drainage and water table management during a tile drainage design
workshop the North Dakota State University Extension Service is holding March

The workshop will be in Loftsgard Hall, Room 380, on the NDSU campus.

The workshop will focus on the basics of planning and designing agricultural
tile drainage systems, including water management structures and lift stations.
The course content will be taught in four design sessions. Participants will be
able to do exercises to reinforce the concepts presented.

“Proper design of a tile project is critical to the future performance of the
system,” says Tom Scherer, NDSU Extension agricultural engineer and one of the
event’s organizers. “When we think about tile drainage, we also must consider
managing the amount of water leaving the field. Fortunately, we can use pumps
and control structures for water management.”

Workshop topics will include:

* Drainage design fundamentals such as important soil properties, drainage
coefficient, outlet considerations, layout and pipe sizing

* Drainage design tools

* Review of the design of an example tile project

* Tile drainage lift station concepts and design

* Agronomic and conservation drainage concepts

* A team design project

“Crops do not like saturated conditions,” says Hans Kandel, NDSU Extension
agronomist and workshop co-organizer. “Having the field tiled, with the option
to control the water table, will give farmers options to reduce production risk
due to excess water.”

The registration deadline for the workshop is March 24. The fee is $100 and
includes lunch, course materials, refreshments and a parking pass. The workshop
is limited to 44 participants, so on-site registration will not be available on
the day of the event.

Register online at